We provide consulting and home assessment services that will allow and enable individuals and caregivers to plan, retain and continue to engage life. We want our clients to maintain a level of safety and independence at home for as long as possible.

Consulting Services 

Our Consulting Services offer assessment of living spaces, work settings and collaborations on accessible floor plans.

We aim to optimize environments that are universally designed, promote active participation and safe interaction with their surrounding. 

Our therapist’s perspective and overview make for effective and unique contributions to design planning, building adaptations and environmental modification.

Our consulting segment is also committed to working with other professionals to provide integrated, inclusive and innovative options. These could include assistive technology, AI (artificial intelligence), and other cutting edge products. We provide recommendations that would enable accessibility, facilitate active engagement, promote safety and long term use of the space. 

Home Assessment

A Certified Occupational Therapist makes an individualized and comprehensive assessment of the client’s home environment. Results and recommendations are shared with clients, families and appropriate individuals for planning and integration of modifications allowing them safe and successful access and continuous enjoyment of their homes.


Assessment is based on therapist’s objective evaluation reconciling the medical and functional perspective. We also consider the client’s daily activities, mobility needs and aesthetic preferences. 

Suggested Solutions

Tub cut is another alternative, allowing the person to shower in the tub.

Opting for a shower stall makes easier navigation, eliminating stepping over tub edge which could be difficult for some individuals.

toilet riser with handles assists a person in transitions, sit to stand and promotes better body mechanics.

A simple grab bar can help prevent falls in the bathroom. These are easily accessible and reasonably priced. Correct placement in the bathroom is important, consult a professional for appropriate length and proper usage.


Mariella is a phenomenal therapist

Brenda V. C.

Mariella is a phenomenal therapist. Her assessment was spot on and made me aware of things I had not considered. Very thought provoking and very, very helpful. I am truly grateful for ensuring my continued independence and making it possible for me to remain safely at home.

She is so pleasant and warm!

Jackie P.

We were very happy to get Mariella to do the home assessment for our Dad. She conducted a thorough evaluation and considered many aspects of our home for long term use. She suggested items that we did not anticipate that Dad would actually need. We’re so pleased and thankful! She’s also so pleasant and warm!

A real professional!

Lily L. (daughter)

Ms. Zuniga is a superior OT who proactively thinks about customizing interventions and recommendations for her clients! We recognize her expertise and kind manner. A real professional!

She is supportive, patient …

Becky P. (wife)

My husband and I are appreciative that Mariella helped us. She is supportive, patient, encouraging and extremely perceptive!